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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Top Free Movie Making and Editing Softwares

 Many amateur photographers trying to make their custom documentary movies. Recently HDvideo is very popular among the young stars. That’s why many software companies introduced their HD movie making software, such as – Windows movie maker, AviSynth, EKD, VLMC, THE MOVIES, iclone, Moviestorm, Microsoft 3D movie maker, Lightwave, Vue, and many more.
Here is the top 10 most popular video (movie) creating and editing softwares - 

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is very easy to use and it comes free with XP, Vista or Windows7. If you don’t have it in your PC you can easily download it from Microsoft.

2. Avisynth

AviSynth is a non-linear video editor and it can trim, crop, doing color correction and many other things with many types of video such as- avi, mpeg, wmv etc.

3. EKD

Full form of EKD is (EnkoDeur-Mixer). It is a post processing program for video editing. It has also versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. It can encode AVC HD into MPEG4 HD video.


VideoLan Movie Creator is a under development project of VLC Media Player.


You can create you own movie with subtitles, pictures, characters and many more. You can easily download it.

6. Iclone

It can create 3D animation movie, 3D stereo with the help of a powerful engine.

7. Moviestorm

You can create your own animated movie by the help of this software in your own PC.

8. Microsoft 3D Movie Maker

It can create 3D movie with some superb quality of sound effects, text, music, speechand special effects.

9. Lightwave

Lightwave is high end computer graphic program. It can easily create 3D movie and you can also edit any kind of 3D movie.

10. Vue

It can create, animate and render any type of 3D movie. It has a large number of versions such as- Xtreme, infiniti, complete, Pro-studio, esprit and pioneer.

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