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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sanctum Update 3-SKIDROW

Sanctum Update 3-SKIDROW
Sanctum Update 3-SKIDROW
PC | English | Published : Digital Addiction | Developed : Digital Addiction | 661MB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Shooter


Scatter Laser Range buffed
Client side prediction of Anti Air Projectiles fixed.
The client can now hear the towers shooting


Greater trace distance for Build Gun, needed on Glade.
The host can now hear the clients weapons shooting
Freeze gun – Freeze projectile can now be shot in mid air causing it to explode. Slow projectile now magnetic. Slow Projectile falls to the ground when stuck enemy dies, not just one of the affected. Fixed a typo in the info screen.


Hoverer HP Scaling down ~34%
Blocker HP Scaling up 10%
Walker HP Scaling down 10%
Armour now reduces damage after the damage multiplier has been multiplied instead of before.
Big Walker aim point heightened to allow the Scatter Laser to always fire if the BW is in range.
Big Walker HP scaling down 5%
Tank Head collision slightly larger.

Achievements & Leaderboards:

Five new Achievements added.
A lot more Achievements now work in coop. Ex: Players can build 25 block towers each to achieve You Shall not PASS!.
Big Game Hunter fixed.
Legion on Arc fixed.
New leaderboards for Glade.
New leaderboards for the new coop difficulty.


A new level has been added! We call it: GLADE.
Mine – More tower bases in MP. Adjusted SP balancing slightly
New Level selection screen


New music for Glade
Modified level selection screen.
You can now chat on the win/lose screen.
Made the chat spam restrictions more loose.
Range indicator only seen by your self.
Range indicator update when aiming at different tower.
Range indicator is set to hidden when client presses Ready.
Scoring system no longer based on damage, but rather damage percentage. Scoring now comparable across difficulties.
The Casualdifficulty has been renamed Experienced.
Easier difficulty mode added. It is called Casual.
Hardcore rebalanced – Starts out harder, Difficulty increases more slowly than before
Money gain ratio changed
Starting resources changed
Added a party window in the upper right corner
Health bars on enemies now properly scale the color from green to red.
Sanctum version upped to 1.1


Fixed client crash bug when server was shutdown incorrectly
Fixed so the client now falls down when in overview and the server is selling the tower the clients on
Alttab now works for more computers
Client doesnt need to teleport to start a wave when both player is in overview
Fixed so that you cant build your head into a towers on slanted surfaces


Filters added to public games (Map filter, Difficulty filter)
Friend games now gets into the the lobby as soon as they are found, and not when all are updated

1. Unpack release
2. Run Sanctum.Update.3.exe
3. Install
4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main install folder and overwrite
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
Sanctum Update 3-SKIDROW

Sanctum Update 3-SKIDROW

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