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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Adobe ColdFusion Builder v.2.0.0

Adobe ColdFusion Builder v.2.0.0 Build 277745

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0.0 Build 277745 | 390 MB

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is an IDE based on Eclipse for building applications ColdFusion. In Adobe ColdFusion Builder, users can efficiently and comprehensively manage the construction of Internet solutions by tracking the entire cycle of creation from envisioning to deployment of the finished product.
Following the development of ColdFusion software system Adobe ColdFusion Builder shortens the time of checking and error with the integrated debugger. Thus, Adobe ColdFusion Builder users get a unified and flexible development environment that allows you to create, test and deploy ColdFusion application server software.

Main features of Adobe ColdFusion Builder:
Analysis and conclusion prompts for automatic code completion. Members may have recourse to the components of ColdFusion (CFC) and the explanation of the code for the file system UDF, a built in tags, CFML, objects HTML, javascript, CSS, SQL statements in the tags cfquery.
Setting up a development environment. Accelerating the creation ColdFusion application and optimization of the workflow are achieved control development environment. There are options for syntax highlighting, shortcuts, code templates for repeated use.
The elimination of errors. Integrated Debugger allows you to run applications and execute them step by step debugging within the IDE.
Preview Template CFML. Users can view pages in CFML browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to eliminate errors and reduce time tracking applications.
Support for versions of ColdFusion 7, 8 and 9. Adobe ColdFusion Builder enables to work with built in tags and function libraries for ColdFusion 7, 8 and 9, thus developing new and existing accompany the application.
Deploying Applications ColdFusion. Built in FTP support is designed to deploy code directly from the IDE.
Remote support projects. A single, common database code, access to which is provided to all participants via remote support for projects that simplifies working together to create your application.
Object relational mapping (ORM). Standard extensions Wizard ORM Application Wizard creates ColdFusion components based on ORM. Code hinting for tags cfcomponent cfproperty and allow you to view the attributes and functions of the ORM.
Expansion using CFML. Users can improve the functionality of Adobe ColdFusion Builder alignment extensions written in CFML.
Integrated development platform in conjunction with Adobe Flash. Annex Adobe Flash Builder, included with ColdFusion Builder, analyze the components and ColdFusion automatically generates the appropriate objects of ActionScript. Improved integration with Flash Builder simplifies the development of web services.
Edit tags. Tag editor defines the required attributes of tags and adjusts them to the desired values.
Managing servers. To access the ColdFusion server is no need to switch between desktop applications. Start and stop a ColdFusion servers can run automatically when you start ColdFusion Builder and exit from it or by hand directly from ColdFusion Builder. Monitor Administrator or ColdFusion server is started in embedded browsers.

System requirements.
2GHz or faster processor
Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Ultimate or Enterprise, or Windows 7
1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
1.5GB of available hard disk space (2GB recommended)
Java Virtual Machine: Oracle JRE 1.6 (32 bit JVM for 32 bit Eclipse and 64 bit JVM for 64 bit Eclipse )
DVD ROM drive
Eclipse 3.6.2 (32 bit or 64 bit) for plug in installation

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